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We Are Pogo Group

Print-On-Demand Online Retail Technology Solutions


Pogo Group Services

Key services and opportunities we can offer include the following:

  • Print-On-Demand (POD)

  • Content Creation

  • Order Management

  • Worldwide Fulfillment Network

  • Marketplace Sales Management

  • E-Commerce Solutions

  • Brands & Licenses

  • White Label Solutions

  • Bespoke Design Services

  • IP Policing

  • Personalisation

  • End to End Solutions

      (Design > Sales > Manufacture)

Proprietary Software

Central to our abilities is our bespoke proprietary software, managing

cloud-based image and content generation, marketplace, and order management.

Own Brands

In addition to third party licenses and white label solutions, we have a range of in-house owned brands and ranges constantly under development.

Stock Management

Our smart stock management system recognises items we stock (i.e. returns) and instructs them to be picked rather than printed again, thus minimising stock at all times.

Data Driven

Everything we do provides information for analysis to help us to grow and improve. From sales locations to product types and even the time of day people purchase, it all informs decisions.


Print-on-demand offers a great solution to ever-growing consumer demand, from reduced production and transport to sustainable and organic blanks, a great antidote to "fast-fashion".

Smart Production

Our software monitors print jobs continuously, allowing us to batch up popular products and print in bulk, drastically reducing production costs and improving profitability.

With a wealth of experience and an open and exploratory approach, we have developed a core range of expertise within the business that is ideally suited to the needs of online merchandise retail today.


Data-Driven Integrated

Data-driven, agile and dynamic, Pogo Group take a technology-based approach to offer the ultimate

print-on-demand, online worldwide, merchandise fulfillment solution to global brands, retailers, and licensees.

Disruptive in a very traditional market, our collaborative approach allows us to maximise a wealth of experience in production, content creation, design, e-commerce and licensing to maximise opportunities in multiple sectors.


500+ Licences

We work with 500+ licences across all genres from motorsport to music, clubbing to cult classics, food & drink to film & TV and cartoons to computer games and sell thousands of approved designs across multiple product types.

IP Protection Services

Through years of selling on online platforms, we have developed advanced knowledge of how to effectively manage IP protection and enforcement.

Our skills and knowledge have developed from being an active retailer on the major marketplaces with first-hand daily experience of how to identify and remove unauthorised product listings.

IP enforcement agencies offer some of these services but in reality, few are effective at actually getting listings removed.

We work directly with senior-level management at each of the major platforms to ensure effective policing and takedowns on a continuous daily basis.


Worldwide Active Marketplaces


Our Technology

At the core of Pogo is our own in-house, proprietary software system, automating high-volume tasks and allowing day-to-day focus on growth and sales. The system features automated feeds to and from all established marketplaces, e-commerce sites, and third-party retail clients and replaces expensive third-party subscription-based software such as Channel Advisor and Linnworks.

Content Generation

Cloud-based, lifestyle visuals, multi-lingual, content creation, SKU and EAN management and fully customisable product and sales territory variables. 

Full branding and catalog management.

Order Management

Orders from all sales channels are collated in one place through automated feeds. Our comprehensive SKU system allows instant analysis and smart batching of high-demand items as well as ad hoc override rules.

Production Routing

Orders are instantly

geo-location routed to the nearest production facility. Real-time tracking of SLAs by facility and live order tracking information aid customer service and maintain speedy delivery.

Our Partners

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